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Domain: Social Domain, Development Banks, Banking, Betting, Etc 

Latest Projects

Betting Application - Back office tool : Senior Software Programmer

Development of betting client and back office tools with HTML5, ELM, Google closure, GO Lang and other JS frameworks


Betting Application - Web client : Programmer

Development of betting web client with HTML5, Google closure, React JS and other JS frameworks


TCS BaNCS - Mobility : Technical Lead

Banking solution by TCS.  Hybrid application built with Apache Cordova (PhoneGap) with the support of Angular JS and HTML5 capabilities

MillionWomenMentors & US2020 Project - Mobility

STEM initiative Project Million Women Mentors (MWM) and US2020 are two projects sponsored by TCS USA HR as CSR activity to the client US2020 and MWM working in STEM field. Both are web applications buit with CMS and hosted at cloud / private server.

TCS AiD360™ : Module Lead

TCS Aid360 is a unique platform, built on the principles of Management for Development Results (MfDR) and Results-based management (RBM), TCS Aid360™ helps manage the full cycle of social program delivery from planning through to evaluation.


TCS Aid360TM is developed using an open source technology LAMP stack – Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. In addition to this, the analytics engine is developed using Jaspersoft, which is also an open source tool. The choice of these technologies ensures the lowest cost of ownership for social development organizations.

Unified System for M and E - Saksham : Developer, Module Lead

Saksham is a GFATM-Round 7 project to strengthen human and institutional capacities of the national health system in the field of HIV counselling to achieve and better meet the long term goals of the National AIDS Control Programme for HIV prevention, care and treatment conducted by Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) and funded by the GFATM (Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria).


TCS solution tissgfatmr7 is a web application developed in LAMP stack to monitor the activities of Saksham program

"A creative brain with ability to forge friendship with any one" is the way I will remember you for ever.

Soundarrajan E, Senior Project Manager, TCS

“We will miss you not only as a good colleague & a smiling friend, but also a true Ever Green person. Take root and grow and flower your happiness and knowledge all over”

Dileep Polpakkara, Senior Manager, TCS

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